introduction of hotel

Introduction of Hotel

Hotel is define as an establishment whose primary business is to provide facilities for the general customer or the guest. Hotel must provide more facilities to its customer which include food and beverage service, room attendant service, concierge, bell and door attendant service, laundry and valet service and other more, etc. Hotel is the concept of the hospitality industry. The primary objective of the hotel is to provide lodge and food to  the people who are able to receive.

There are many other properties in this hospitality industry such as lodge, resort, guest house, rest house, restaurant, etc. The environment of the hotel is like home environment where the people can stay and enjoy the facilities like their house. Hotel is one type of house where the more facilities are available in very standard way. Today hotel or hospitality is very highly developed and it cover all the market. This industry is really very interesting and enjoyable where the guest can also enjoy their facilities and the staff of the hotel is also enjoying and doing their work honestly. Tourism is the very good market which helps to create the hotel market. Tourist can travel various places and they want to stay and rest for next days travel so tourism and hotel are related to each other.

Hotel is the large organization of management which is run systematically. There are various departments to run the hotel systematically. Management in work is very important to the hotel systematically. All the departments are able to do there work properly. There should be always right towards there work because if there any mistake is found that is effect/loss to the management. Housekeeping, F&B service, Food production, front office, security management, maintenance department are the some department which help to run the hotel in systematic manner.