Food and beverage service area

food-and-beverage-service-areaFood And Beverage Service Area

1. Specialty restaurant: In this type of restaurant the entire atmosphere and decors are geared to a particular type of food and theme with specialty service. The restaurant which offers Chinese, Japanese, India cuisine would be termed, “specialty restaurant”. The served based more or less on the style of the country from which particular cuisine originated.

2. Coffee shop: The concept of coffee shop is borrowed from USA distinguished by its quick service which offered 24 hours service to customer. These types of restaurant distinguished by its prepared and the atmosphere is informal and the tablet cover or layout are less elaborate service.

3. Bar: Different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage are found in bar and we can enjoy with musical environment or without. It should have attractive interior decoration and also should have cheerful and not flashy management should decide whether it should be located in hotel. One should keep the supply of the most popular drinks supply nearest to main serving point. The correct types of glasses are needed. A sufficient quality of clean by clothes should always be beat hand. In bar one should display most prominently the drink that are one particular wish to sale.

4. Room service: The room service is one of the most important sections of the food and beverage department. It deals direct with the room which actually serves food to the guest room. The room service manager is department head. This is difficult position to fulfill, because it required practical experience in service, managerial skill, and individuals who has never worked as food server, never operated the telephone which will make difficult to answer and also in time management.

Most hotels require management trainees to sometimes spend as room service assistant. Room service is different from dining room service, in that it rendered without direct supervisor. The room service manager most established strong discipline and high standard of profession behavior.

In short, room service is a process to servicing the food to the guest room in which they have to pay to getting the service.

5. Banquet: The word banquet literally means a gathering of people for the particular function. Banquet are arranged to cater for a large number of people. It may be in an honor of a visiting guest dignity for the birthday organized, for professional, social or state occasion. Banquet is the service for the function and is difficult from the unusual service offered in a restaurant.

6. Design and purchasing factors: while design any food service area it should be highly decorative while designing the area, the main consideration should be given to the light and color by which it may demonstrate the feeling which may help to feet as home like environment. Actually design should be simple but more effective. In context of purchasing any kind of equipment for food and beverage service area. Food and beverage manager is responsible for selecting and purchasing of any kind of equipment. It should be kept on mind that the item should be branded and it has to be a life expectancy or more durability.

7. Still room: The main function of still room is to provide item of food and beverage required for a service of the meal and not catered by the major department in a hotel such as kitchen larder pastry. It has a service room pantry contains slaves or cupboard for stocking cutlery, glassware, cookery, etc. large first class establishment the staff room supervisor is in charge of still room. And other responsibilities of still room supervisor are to ordering of supplies from the main dry good store and the effective control of these items when issued to various departments.

8. Hot plate: A hot plate is a portable self contained table top small appliance that feather one, two or more gas burner or electric heating element. A hot plate can be used as a stand along appliance, but it often used as substitute for the one burner from an oven range or to cook top of stove. Hot plates are often used for the preparation generally in location where a full kitchen moved from one location to another. These types of equipment typically powered by electricity however gas fired hot plates were not uncommon in early days.

9. Wash up: Wash up is most important in the service area, mostly be settled correctly so that bridged can worked speedily and efficiently when passing from the food service area to kitchen. The waiter should stock trays for the duty correctly at sideboard with all the collect size plates together and table were staged with blades of the knife running under the arches or forks. All glassware should be staged on separate tray and taken to the separate wash up point.

For hygiene wash up it generally recognized requirement are goods supply of 68 degree Celsius for the general cleaning followed by sterilizing and then rising at the temperature of 82 degree Celsius for at least 1 minute. The main objectives of cleaning utensil are to remove any materials from them on which micro organism can be developed and to destroy the micro organisms which are already present.

  1. Hand washing
  2. Machine washing

10. Kitchen stewarding: Kitchen stewarding is sub department/section of kitchen in most large/deluxe hotel it plays a key role in the smooth function of both food and beverage service and food production. This section is only responsible for maintaining and preserving the cleanliness and upkeep of equipments of entire outlet of food and beverage department, large and small equipments.

Example; kitchen utensils, pot, silverware, glassware, chinaware, etc of the restaurant are properly maintained clean, polish, and stored by this section. This section also maintains inventory and supplies of all equipments and cleans all the working surface and floor of the entire kitchen.

Kitchen stewarding section is handled by an executive chef, chef kitchen, steward and steward manager. He reported to executive chef/food and beverage manager. This section has 24 hour working routine assigned in food and beverage department. It also control wastage and cost by monitoring breakage and wastage.


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