Food and beverage service equipment

fb-service-equipmentsFood and beverage service equipment

  1. Color and lighting consideration: As light modifying color in many ways, its type light source and system of lighting should be consideration whoever selecting color. For example pink light have been shown pale lipstick color, green light like have a tendency to show of rankles and should not be used in a atmosphere where feeling of well being is created.

The use of color in food service, facilities are so humorous that space will not allow a complete presentation of all of them therefore a guide to the uses of color should always mention with lighting. The lighting scheme of a restaurant most not only makes a good usual impression. It most supply enough light for the practical needed staff.

2.Furniture: Furniture most is choose according to the need to establishment vary often by using different materials, design, and finishing by carefully arrangement. One can change the atmosphere and appearance of the food service area to suit different occasion.

Wood is most commonly use material in the dining room furniture. Although wood dominates, it most be hated that more metals, mainly aluminum and aluminum’s plates, stainless steal, brass and bronze. Generally it is being introduced into the dining room furniture. Sunmaica and plastic coated table top are found in many cafeteria of staff dining room.

General point must be considered while purchasing furniture for food and beverage area:

  1. Flexibility in use
  2. Design
  3. Color
  4. Durability
  5. Easy to maintain
  6. Easy to storage
  7. Shape
  8. Size

3.Linen: The types of linen required would depend upon the size of establishment, types of client cost involved as well as the style of menu and service to be served in the restaurant area. The following are the standard measurement/size of linen which are used in food and beverage service area:

  • Table clothes:

– 2ft 6” square table = 54”*54”

– 3tf square table =72”*72”

– Rectangular table = 72”*93”

  • Slip cloth:

– To cover the stained table = 36”*36”

  • Napkin/serviettes: 18”*18 or 20”*20”
  • Buffet cloth:

– Minimum size = 6’*12”

4.Crockery: Crockery item such as plates, cups, bowls, either made up of earth-ware, chinaware or other various.

The advantage of earth-ware is, it is cheap since its main constant are 25% ball clay, 25% clay cairlin, and 35% flint. However the lower cost means that compare with other materials earth-ware. It is easily cheap or crack, liable to stain and much heavier bone china. While bone chinaware down less and is finer in appearance as it is translucent. The constituent of bone china are 25% china stone, 50% calcium phosphate.

The feathers of cookeries are:

  1. Items should be design so that they can be utilizing for various purpose. Example: all purpose bowls in order to reduce cost and storage space required.
  2. It should be capable of being hand wash or machine washed that means it should be able to stand with the temperature of 85 degree Celsius.
  3. It should be cheap resistant, crack resistant and most either strain or blotch.
  4. Crockery should light in weight.
  5. The shape and size of crockery should be equal to its measurement.
  6. Plate should have rolled edge to avoid cheeping.

5.Table ware: The service consists of the following items and went to be served.

  1. Soup spoon: Soup serve in plate
  2. Fish knives and fork: Fish course/hours d’ oeuvre
  3. Large knife: Entrée/main course
  4. Dessert spoon and fork: All sweet served
  5. Coffee spoon: For coffee
  6. Egg spoon: Egg served
  7. Cheese knife: cheese served
  8. Tea spoon: Tea/ice-cream/fruit cocktail
  9. Grape knife: Grape service
  10. AP spoon: All purpose spoon used in all spoon service
  11. AP fork: All purpose fork used in all fork service

6. Glassware: These are main two types of glass led; they are Cristal glass and soda lime glass. Led Cristal glass is best and has a good finished. In the catering industry, it is used more as hardly and resistance to impact and thermal shock. When purchasing glassware it should ensure that it is completely transparent free from air bobbles and not cheaper.

Glasses are measured in the term of capacity i.e. Ounces (Oz) or Centiliter (CL) Restaurant glassware is usually accepts in specialty restaurant were they may be colored.

The handling processes of glassware’s are:

  1. A glass is always lifted by its base.
  2. A glass is never picked up with the ring between the thumbs and should be removed to the dust bin immediately.

 Some types of glass with their measurement:

  1. Juice glass or Ponny tumbler : capacity – 5 Oz
  2. Brandy ballon: capacity – 8 Oz
  3. Old fashion or Rock galss: capacity 8 Oz
  4. Beer mug: capacity – 12 Oz/1 pint
  5. Water goblet: capacity 10 Oz
  6. Tom collin: capacity – 12 Oz/1 pint
  7. Martini glass: capacity – 4 Oz
  8. Rolly polly glass: capacity – 9 Oz
  9. Red wine glass: capacity – 5 Oz
  10. Champagne glass: capacity – 6 Oz

7. Disposable: These types of table ware can be used outdoor catering. It usually made up of paper or plastic. The main purpose of disposable are once use and through. It includes:

  1. Napkin
  2. Place mates
  3. Banqueting rolls
  4. Plastic knife
  5. Spoon and fork (plastic)
  6. Cup, glass, plates, etc.

8. Automatic vending: It is types of machine which helps to the customer and seller to get and give the product. In this automatic vending machine, the whole process is automated such that it can use when the transaction is done in the correct way according to how the machine so programmed. So accept cash in currency for only other accepts cash and credit card for electric transaction.

Automatic vending gives free choice to the client for purchase products at the time of the day. One can shop for his/her intended product 24 hours throughout of the year.

9. Bar equipment: Knowing the fact that the bar will be in constant view of the customer. It needs to be equipped with the good quality tools and equipment. Equipment selected should be in appearance and easy to clean. The following are the equipment which are used in bar are:

  1. Large mixing glass for stirring
  2. Different types of glasses
  3. Buster shaker
  4. Cocktail shaker for ordinary cocktail
  5. 30 Oz metal shaker
  6. Ica crusher
  7. Fruit knife and chopping board
  8. Ice scoop
  9. Ice bucket
  10. Bottle opener
  11. Ice tong
  12. Funnel
  13. Cork screw/wine opener
  14. Different types of spoon and fork
  15. Sink brush
  16. Cruet set
  17. Glass washed
  18. Duster
  19. Astray
  20. Salver (tray)
  21. Glass cloth
  22. Screw
  23. Cocktail stick

       -Bar ingredients

  1. Cucumber peeler
  2. Olives
  3. Pears
  4. Cherries
  5. Onion
  6. Fresh egg
  7. Lemon
  8. Cream cheese
  9. Cloves
  10. Cinnamon
  11. Orange

10. Buffet equipment: The thing need for service buffet are given below:

  1. Slaves
  2. Tables
  3. Chairs
  4. Chef dishes
  5. Ladle
  6. Ice-cream scoop
  7. Different types of plates
  8. AP spoon & AP fork
  9. Different types of table ware
  10. Notice sleep
  11. Tooth pick
  12. Disposables

11. Personal equipment: These are the necessities of personnel who are working in the field in food and service area. These personal equipment are waiter’s friend, they are:

  1. Pen
  2. Note pad
  3. Napkin/duster
  4. Match box/lighter
  5. Bottle opener

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